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QuiltPox 2002 Summer Challenge (1st Annual)

The 2002 Summer Challenge was the first challenge held between Quilting Passion forum and This was, so to speak, the challenge that started them all.

The idea for the challenge came when I was at a LQS. I found this very *interesting* fabric by In the Beginning fabrics. Let's face it, the fabric was ugly. So I thought, what a great idea for a challenge. Let's see how creative people can be with this, and, hoping that many would join, I went ahead and spent 80$ on the fabric.

Things started out smoothly until a *troll* from another quilting forum happened upon our idea and post on the forum, and reported it to Delphi indicating that we were in violation of the T&C of Delphi forums by conduncting "e-commerce" on the forum. That "e-commerce" bit was the $2.50 that I was charging to join the challenge to recoup the cost of the fabric and postage.

Well after several emails back and forth with Delphi, and Terry, our fearless forum leader, we got permission to continue the challenge so long as the cost was not published in the forum. Thus, all original references are stored on or

So, after that rocky start, the challenge was off, and it was a huge success. We received 19 completed challenge quilts! For this first one, the quilts could be in any stage of completion to qualify. We even had a couple from Non-United States residents.

You may view the entrants from this challenge by going to Summer 2002 Challenge.

QuiltPox 2003 Winter Challenge (2nd annual)

QuiltPox 2004 Autumn Challenge (3rd annual)

This Challenge was completed using a very symmetrical print by Paula Nadelstern. As with all of our challenges, the participants do not know what fabric they will be receiving when they sign up. It is always interesting to see how creative everyone can be with surprise fabric. You may still view the winners at

QuiltPox 2005 Winter Challenge (4th annual)

QuiltPox 2006 Winter Challenge (5th annual)

This Challenge was called "There is no such thing as an ugly hand dyed fabric." Each recipient received only ONE fat quarter of my hand dyed fabric "uglies." That is, those fabrics that just didn't turn out like I had planned. The finished quilts were spectacular, as is usually the case with these challenge participants. :-) You may still view the winners at

QuiltPox 2007 Autumn Challenge (6th annual)

This challenge begins August 2007. Go to for details.

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