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QuiltPox 2007 Autumn Challenge

Since it has been such a success in the past, we will continue our tradition of donating finished Challenge quilts to Project Linus. (See caveat below.) Since I am using commercial fabric for the challenge this year, you will receive 1/2 yard instead of just 1 fat quarter. I know it was quite a "challenge" (no pun intended, but sure cute that it fits) in the 2006 Winter challenge since you received only 1 FQ of the Challenge fabric. I was able to acquire a suitable supply of the Challenge fabric to accomodate 1/2 yards. Please note, the participation fee is just to cover the cost of the fabric and postage. I will not be profiting from this in anyway. This is all for fun and charity. I might add, this was my FOURTH attempt at purchasing a challenge fabric. I try to always get something in the clearance section; the problem with that of course is that often the supply is very limited. So, I was thrilled that the supplier (whose name will remain anonymous for now ) had plenty in stock to fulfill my needs.

Challenge Guidelines

  • Deadline to sign-up: 03 August 2007 (or when packets are exhausted).
  • Participation Fee: $4.00 (this covers the cost of the fabric and the shipping)
  • Challenge Packets mailed: 10 August 2007 (approx.)
  • Deadline to submit picture of finished quilt: 03 November 2007, Midnight EST
  • The Challenge Fabric should be the focus fabric of the piece.
  • You may use any coordinating fabrics of your choice.
  • You will agree to displaying the picture of your finished piece on the challenge page, and/or QuiltingPassion forum.
  • You will check this page regularly for updates. (Since I tend to forget stuff.)
  • Challenge is open to members of QuiltingPassion forum at
  • You agree to donate your finished quilt to Project Linus through the forum. If you can't bear to part with your Challenge quilt, you will be excused from donating it provided you do donate an equally sized alternative quilt to Project Linus.
  • Quilts should be sized befitting Project Linus: Min Approx: 40" x 40" up to twin bed size (65" x 80" or so)
  • You are free to use any pattern you desire, and any technique you desire, for the quilt. Please remember to check with pattern authors on their fair use copyright standards.
  • If you wish to submit just the quilt top, that is ok. You may then consider posting it on the forum for a formal RRCD round, if you desire.

Sign-Up Instructions

  • To sign up for the Challenge, please send an email to web DOT mistress AT quiltpox DOT com with the subject line "Challenge 2007". (You may also email me via the forum.)
  • Please include your forum name, full name, and mailing address in the email.
  • Once I have received your email (or within some 12-24 hours of said, I am not tied to my computer ), you will receive a response back with my mailing information and email address for PayPal payments, and snail mail info for payments by check or cash.
  • I will accept sign-ups until the fabric supply has been exhausted. This may be before or after the posted deadline.

Challenge Fabric

In order to keep the element of surprise alive for as long as possible, the fabric theme will not be revealed until after the first round of packets has been received. That is, approximately 2nd week of August, 2007. There is one huge hint on this page, and I will tell you that it is a print by Michael Miller. And the final hint, it is NOT a floral, geometric, or similar print. And, well, it is good for you. There. That's all I am giving you! ;-) Also, please note, fabric will be delivered unwashed.


The voting process will include votes from all of the forum members. Once voting starts, approx. 5-10 November 2007, members will be able to vote for their favorite entry. This will be a blind voting panel. I will leave the voting page up for 5 days. After that time, the top 3 vote-getters will be announced on the QP forum, as well as here, and I will update the gallery of entries to include forum member names.


  • I will be making a special label to commemorate this event that you may use for your quilt back. This is optional. You are also encouraged to make your own label that tells the story of your challenge process.
  • Feel free to share with me a name for your entry, and a short paragraph about your challenge design process. I will post these summations only after the voting has completed. (People always like to know how you came up with your design. )
  • We all know that "life happens" so if you are unable to finish your quilt before the end of the challenge, you are encouraged to submit your WIP (work-in-process) anyway. Keep in mind, quilting can enhance a quilt greatly, so finishing it will be the ultimate goal.

Wanna Vote?

It is time to vote for your favorite Challenge Entry. If you are ready, GO HERE. Voting will remain open until midnight EST, Friday, 09 November 2007. The top 3 vote-getters will be announced on Saturday (10th) or Sunday (11th.) Have fun!

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