AURIfil is the name. In a word- AWESOME!!!

I must plug to order because before I ordered it, I emailed the owner, Marje, several times and not only was she quick to reply, but extremely friendly and answered all of my questions. It appears that there are 4 shops that sell it online that I have found, and all for about the same price.

About the thread:

Well, you can read the intro about the thread at the site above (click on the AURIfil logo), but, in my opinion, it is the best for piecing. It is 100% cotton, and 50wt. Now, I believe it is only 2ply, which most stuff is 3ply, but, it seems strong enough to me for sure, and it is Egyptian long staple cotton. The thread is so fine that it just glides through the sewing machine. I have compared it to the Mettler 60wt 2ply and it appears to be pretty close to the same diameter.

My machine is LOVING it. I haven't had one break or snafu. Bobbin winds awesome. I did bite the bullet and buy the big cone. I had problems with that at first but finally went to Joann's and spent 4$ on this plastic cone holder and put the cone in the back of the machine, and no problems since. I bought the Ivory color and plan to buy the medium and dark gray as well. Although the Ivory doesn't show much on some of my darker colors, I would like both to have on hand.

Now, about the cost. It might scare you at first, but this is how it breaks down:

A 6562 yard cone is 23.00. Yep, I know, sounds like a lot, but, lets break that down into an equivalent quantity of the old C&C stuff that we all love/hate:

C&C Dual Duty Plus (the old standby) which is 300 yards per spool.
Normal price: 1.95/spool
Sale price (40% off, they haven't had a 50% off for a long time): 1.17/spool

Now, let's look at how many spools of 300yard quantity we get in this big ol cone:

6562/300 = 21.87

Let's just skip the change and say 21 spools. So, we pay 23.00 (we won't include shipping or tax in the equation) for 1 cone, that equates out to:

23.00/21 = 1.10 per equivalent spool.

Conclusion: This thread is even cheaper, when ordered by the cone, than the cheapo C&C stuff we are always told to avoid. If you buy it by the 1422 yard spool, it is just under 1.90 per equivalent spool.

So, I say, run, do not walk, to your purse and get that credit card and order your thread today. You will love it, your machine will love it, and your quilts will love it. We can finally dispense with the age old argument about using poly thread vs cotton thread, since most of us have leaned toward the poly for piecing.

As for lint, I haven't seen an iota of it. I would be happy to send a small sample to anyone who wants, just send me a SASE envelope. Email me if you don't have my address.

Oh, I haven't tried the quilting thread yet, but I hear it is also a dream. I love that they have a 28wt and look forward to trying that out. But, I am stocked up on quilting thread for a while (YLI/Mettler) thanks to some Ebay Auctions.

*Pricing Update*:
It appears that the price has recently gone up. As of 26 May 2002, the price at ThatThreadShop is now $26.50. So, that now comes out to $1.26 per equivalent spool. Still a good deal for great thread.

Pricing Update 09.06.05 *50wt*

MerchantCone Price (6562yards)Spool Price (1422yards)
LoveToQuilt 19.005.85 (discount if you buy more than 2 spools)

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