Book Review: The Quilter's Bible - Linda Clements

I just received this book in the mail on National Quilter's Day, how appropriate! My first impression was Wow, great eye candy. But then when I had time to really look at it, I was impressed indeed. I have many, many "Quilter's Bible" type books. Each of them have something that is missing from the last. However, I think this may take the edge of my previous favorite.
First of all, it is very comprehensive. I am astonished at how many items they attempted to address in one book. I am pleased that they did a great job at each one. Besides showing full detail and beautiful photos, the technique discussions are sufficient to support the photos, without being too wordy, as some books tend to be.
What I really love are the small projects. My dear foster daughter and I are already eager to make the little heart shaped box on the back cover and "Getting Started" page. I worried when I saw it that it was just for show. But no, they have the instructions on making it inside the book.
I am also pleased to see small samplings of other techniques. I have to say the picture and description for shisha mirrors is one of the best I have seen.
This isn't going to be the book to give you full details on machine quilting ins-and-outs, but it is not meant to be, and there are plenty of books for that purpose.
If I had to recommend one book for a beginner quilter that covers all of the bases, I would have to stay this one takes the place of my previous mention. Great job to Linda Clements and the photographers!

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