Hobbs Heirloom Batting Review


While I do prefer 100% cotton batts, I make an exception for Hobbs Heirloom. It is 80/20 Cotton/Poly. I absolutely love this batt. I do also use it for baby quilts, with a bit of trepidation. I worry about the "burn" factor of the poly in the event of a fire, but I hope the small amount of poly would not have a huge effect. It is affordable and comes in standard size pre-packaged bags.

Initial Inspection:

As always, my first handling of the batt is to open it up and let it air for a few days. The batt comes out, unfolds, and lays nicely. There are no tears or strains in this process. In addition, it has a wonderful drape, even before the quilting.

The Sandwiching:

Layering the quilt sandwich is wonderful with this batt. It does not tear as I try to tug it into place. And, upon inspection, it is evenly distributed across the entire batt. There is some scrim as well, which probably helps. The safety pins go through this rather easily.


I do not experience much bearding with this batt, unless I have a major thread snaffu. But, I would expect that to occur with any batt during a thread bomb. The quilting process is easy with the needle and thread seemingly gliding through effortlessly. I have quilted as far as 4-6" apart without issue.

The Final Product:

I love the final product with this batt. It shrinks just enough to give that loving, old fashioned look and feel. As mentioned before, it drapes nicely and has a soft and snuggly feel.

Would I buy it again?

YES! For the cost, this is my batting of choice for baby quilts. I would prefer a 100% cotton for all weather quilts, but this one is great as well.

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