Friendship Star Heading
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Size: Finished - 7.5" Unfinished - 8.0"
FabricMeasurement & Quantity
white swatch 4 - 3" squares
2 - 3.5" squares
red swatch 2 - 3.5" squares
navy swatch 1 - 3" squares
*you may use red if you want this to be just a 2 color star, or select a focus fabric for the center square

Make the Half Square Triangles

  • Draw a diagonal line from one corner to another on the back of the 3.5" white squares.
  • Put the white square right sides together with the red 3.5" square
  • Sew 1/4" away from the line on both sides of the diagonal line. See the following diagram:
    Step2, make HST
  • Cut down the center, diagonal line
  • Press seams towards darker fabric, in this case the red. (Be sure to first press the HST closed to set the stitches into the seam.)
  • Using the 45° angle on your ruler (6" square rulers work great for this), align the 45° line along the diagonal seam. Trim the square down to 3" square. (I usually do a little off each side, but if you sew better than me, align the most "square" portion of your HST with the 3" horizontal and vertical lines and you can trim off the excess and have a perfect square.)
  • You should now have 2 completed Half Square Triangles.

Square Assembly

Using the following grid, and rotating your HST as indicated, sew your squares into rows. Press the seams for Row 1 and Row 3 outwards and press the seam for Row 2 towards the center. Then, join each row together, pressing seams outwards.

Row 1 white swatch + HalfSquare + white swatch
Row 2 HalfSquare + navy swatch + HalfSquare
Row 3 white swatch + HalfSquare + white swatch

Finished Block

Your completed block should look like this:
Friendship Star Block

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