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Swatches used for this project.

This is a simple enough project for the beginner. These instructions will produce a slightly large lap size quilt. You will need a minimum of 6 different fabrics. 3 lights and 3 darks. (*you can use scraps for the rail fence, but the "solid" blocks should all be the same to get the correct "heart" appearance in the quilt.)

Fabric Quantities

Cutting Instructions

Begin Sewing

(All seams should be 1/4")
Making the rail fence squares:

Assembling the quilt top:

(the dashed lines represent your seam lines)


This final block will be henceforth referred to as Block1. You will need a total of 22 of these full blocks.

Half Square #1
Cut 3 of your heart squares (Block1) in half on the diagonal. (This will give you 6 half heart squares for the right and left side.) Set these aside for now. (These will be referred to as HS1a and HS1b.)

Half Square #2
Cut three heart squares (Block1) according to this block diagram. (These will be referred to as HS2 and HS3.)

Half of HS3Cut one of your HS3 triangles on the diagonal through the light pink square.

You now have 1 triangle (HS3a):
Half of HS3
and 1 triangle (HS3b):
Half of HS3

These blocks are set on point, (that is, set looking like a diamond.) For easier assembly, refer to the table below for completing your quilt top. Sew the pieces row by row, pressing seam allowances to opposing direction. Thus, the top row, press seam allowances to the right, and the next row, to the left, and so on. Doing so will make it easier when you are attaching each row together. Be sure to lay the blocks out on the floor, or on a design wall, before sewing together to ensure correct assembly.

HS3aBlock1Block1Block1Block1Block1 HS1a
HS3Block1Block1Block1 HS1a

When completed, it should look like this:

Completed Quilt Grid

Adding Borders

Measuring with your ruler through the center of your quilt, determine the length of the quilt top. (My example is 59.5.) Using your 3" light pink border fabric, add the inner border to the right and left sides of the top. (You will need to use two strips from your 44" fabric to get the correct length. Join these strips with a diagonal seam and position the middle of that seam with the middle of your quilt sides when attaching the border.)

Measuring through the center of the quilt again, determine your new width with the added borders. (My example is 56.5.) Use the same procedure as above for creating your long strip. Attach the top and bottom border.

Repeat the above steps for adding the second border (dark pink).

Finishing the Quilt

Completed Quilt (62x70.5)

Think Pink quilt

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