Quick 'N Easy Quilted Wallet


This is the perfect, quick, easy, and cute, project for those last minute holiday gifts. So grab some fat quarters, or, better yet, use up those scraps! :-) In fact, you can make this entire wallet with just one fat-quarter! (I, however, would suggest using 4 Fat Quarters, mixing and matching the parts (you can cut them all at once if you layer the fat-quarters), and make 4 different wallets!) FQ Layout.

Here are the supplies you will need:
Quick 'N Easy Quilted Wallet
Novelty Fabric 12 @ 5.25" x 7.25"Outer wallet and inside lining.
Novelty Fabric 22 @ 4.25" x 7.25"Currency Pocket lining and outer.
Novelty Fabric 36 @ 2" x 4.25"Credit card pockets (front & back) *Consider using scraps for more flair.
Novelty Fabric 41 @ 2.5" x 28"
1@ 2" x 7.25"
Binding for currency pocket and entire wallet
Thermolam Batting (or craft fleece)1 @ 5.25" x 7.25"
1 @ 4.25" x 7.25"
Batting for outer wallet and currency pocket
Medium or Light-weight Interfacing3 @ 2" x 4.25"Credit Card Pockets (inside) *You may use a third piece of fabric instead
Sewable Velcro1 @ 1/2" x 1"Velcro closure


Outer portion of wallet:

Currency pocket:
Credit card pockets:
Assemble the currency pocket and credit card pockets:
Assemble the wallet:
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