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Ethan's QuiltThis was an adorable crib+ size quilt made with celestial themed fabric and stitched in the ditch (by machine of course.) By now, I had learned how to put on binding and using BJS, created a label with baby's picture, mom and daddy's name, and baby's vital statistics. This was made for a colleague at my employment.
Zander's Dragon Quilt This was also made for a colleague's new arrival, baby Zander. I had SOOO much fun making this one. My former colleague who just loved dragons. Well, of course I couldn't find any baby dragon fabric, but I did find some wonderful clipart on the web.

I emailed the maker to insure that it was ok to use the graphics. I then experimented on different fabrics to get the best printing I could. The pink still bled a tiny bit. This was my first original design and I am very proud of it. The square in a square block was offset by the much easier rail fence block. I just loved this quilt. It is one of my favorites thus far.

Florida swap square.This was made for a swap on a forum I freqently visit. The recipient was hoping to have one hand block from every state in the Union. I had made Ohio already and she still needed someone to do Florida, so, *since* my nieces live there, I thought I would take that for her too. I don't have a good close up of the pic, but it has BJS fabric that has Disney World, Cape Caneveral, and Florida oranged (made out of tiny YoYo's no less!)
Ohio swap square.This was made for the same swap as Florida above, but contains background colors of Ohio State University theme, the state of Ohio outline in green with a red heart as our motto at one time was "The heart of it all." The leaves are added using fusible webbing and applique stitches, as well as the hand incidentally, and tiny tiny yo-yo;s for the "buckeyes".
Humbug bags (small).I saw this pattern at local quilt store and just had to make them. I had received a fat-quarter of the purple "lifesavers" fabric in an order from (they send a free FQ with each purchase) and my niece and nephew went crazy for it. So I ordered a full yard of the purple and the green, (which BTW is called "lifesavers" fabric) and made the humbug bags for them. The small ones are about 7" long. I used glow in the dark beads on the ribbon. The littlest niece was so tickled, I had to rush home and make her a bag, and she is only 1! (I might add that even though these are not my biological kin, they are definitely inheriting my love of fabric. All 3 of them go nuts when I bring a new fabric selection around, draping it all around them and all. Even baby. Their mommy is just getting into quilting, but I think she will have the pox before she realizes it. ) Want to order the humbug bag pattern yourself? Visit

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