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This quilt was actually one that I started in 2001, but only finished in 2005 for dear niece's high school graduation gift. I hand dyed the backing, shibori style. (See backing.) I quilted it in lots of little flowers. (See closeup of quilting) I even made a little flap that snaps up and covers the label. (See label). My thought was that she could use the quilt on both sides, and have a special hiding place too. She loved it quite a bit. I was happy to get it DONE!
This quilt was made for dear great-niece Maya Segar (Vanessa's daughter.) There was a lot of love put into this quilt! While I machine pieced the fan blades, the fan blade curves, and the corner circles were all hand appliqued on to the background squares. I machine quilted-in-the-ditch around each square, but all of the other quilting was done by hand. I spent I estimate over 100 hours on this one. Of course, I am not much of a hand quilter, but this one just warranted it. (See backing which was hand dyed on to a pretty Sateen fabric. I used the same fabric for the binding, which was ok, but not quite the same shade as the other peachy-pinks in the quilt. You may also see quilting closeup and closeup of the fan applique.
Many of the members of our forum create Warm Wishes quilts for our Project Linus campaign. So, I needed a quick-quilt to give to a lady at work. She is one of our cleaners, a very sweet lady who speaks little English. So, we had a tiny little "shower" for her. I made the quilt, and collected money to get a gift card for her, and of course, I had to make one of my at-one-time infamous baby carryall bundles. Well, little did I know that the idea I had been doing since I was 18 was being produced en masse. I was able to get a Johnson & Johnson carryall bundle cheaper than making it myself. Of course, J&J didn't include a baby bottle full of M&Ms and bath lotion like I did. She was very thrilled with the surprise. You can make this pattern yourself by visiting
I was commissioned to do a t-shirt quilt by a lady at work. She was going to pay several hundred dollars to some website that was simply going to cut rectangles and add simple sashing. I couldn't allow her to do that so I did a total customized piece for her. The thing that complicated this quilt is that she had t-shirts full of signatures. I wanted to try and save as many of those as I could, hence the funky looking applique. I literally had to applique sashing strips on some of the facings to make the square. I ended up not having enough t-shirt logos to make the size she wanted. So, I sneakily found out the names of her junior high school and high schools, well, the locations, and found the pictures of them on their respective websites. I then printed these out, along with several pictures from her own website, and added the "Comedy & Tragedy" masks to complete the theme. She was quite taken aback by it, and I swore I would never do another. They are not easy when customizing like this one. You can view closeup 1 and closeup 2.
Here is my very own Hugs & Kisses pattern made with sashing. I had some leftover blocks, and another guy at work had a baby, so I made this up for him. He and his wife were the only people who ever invited me to parties after I moved to Atlanta. I never got to attend because of my crazy schedule then, but it was nice to be asked. So, I had to do something equally as sweet. I love it with the sashing too.

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