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Trisha's Quilt This is the FIRST quilt that I ever made. I didn't even know how to do a proper binding on these first 3 quilts so I did the turn-over border to the back method. Not even sure that is legit way to do it, but it is the way I did it. I thus far have used standard muslin for all of my quilts. This quilt had mostly just straight stitch in the ditch quilting. I made a matching pillow sham in which I hand quilted and "trapunto" affected hearts in the squares. I was proud of myself for this one since I did it all on my own, no pattern for the sham.
Hanna's Quilt This was my second finished quilt. Made for my 11 year old niece Hanna. Hanna primarily likes black, so picking out fabrics was very difficult. I did hers and her sister Trishas around the same time. I had pieced Trisha's already when I thought about trying to scan the fabric into the computer first, and using my graphics program to design. This worke d well, and everyone really liked this quilt. I also made a pillow sham to match. This was machine "stitch-in-the-ditched with hand quilted stars (two different sizes within one another) in the larger 4block section.
JoJo's quiltThis is #3 in my list. Still same pattern but boy fabrics. I think I got pretty tired of the pattern and it was about this time that I decided to get a new sewing machine, a Viking Freesia 425 (which has now been updated to a Viking Lily 555). It was at this time when I realized that I had the pox really bad. QuiltPox that is. I got a bit more adventurous on the quilting here doing a curving border thing.
OSU Block OThis is the first quilt I did by going to a class. I didn't have the 1/4" piecing foot yet and my seam allowances were so badly off that my wallhanging was 2" shorter and narrower than that of my best friend, who took the class with me. The leaves were appliqued on using fusible webbing, then stitched down with a short zig-zag. The buckeyes are small yo-yo's. This is the quilt for a true OSU Buckeye fan. :-)

The designer of this quilt now has a website. You may visit Barb and order the kits for this quilt at
Kaleigh's QuiltThis was made for my niece Kaleigh. (DBF's daughter.) This was my first 9patch and my first applique. I did traditional needle turn/basting applique. So hard. But, the flower stayed soft. It turned out really pretty and cheerful and Miss Kaleigh loves it. :-)
Mom's Day Bag This is a pieced and quilted tote bag made from a pattern purchased by the aforementioned dear best friend (DBF). She made one for herself and her mommy and so did I. I never took a picture of my bag. This bag was made after I discovered Bubble Jet Set 2000. I had previously used the iron-on transfer type of product by which to make quilt labels. The BJS however, stays nice and soft. You just presoak your fabric in it, iron it to freezer paper, and put it through your printer. Allow it to dry for at least a day, and it is just like printed fabric. I couldn't find enough pictures of all of us kids, so on one side of the bag, the center label has a flowing Angel at the top with all 5 of her kids' names on it and the phrase "Mom's Angel Babies". The other side contains similar graphics with the phrase "Grandma's Little Angels." This was done over a quick 3 day stint before I went home in late March 2001 to visit mom.

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