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Soft Center Applique

Soft Center Applique

  1. Trace your applique shape onto the paper side of your fusible webbing. (Remember to do it in reverse, if necessary.)
  2. Trim this piece about 1/8" - 1/4" OUTSIDE the drawn line. [See Image 1 below.]
    Image 1
  3. Fold the piece in half to create a center crease. Using your scissors, snip on the center fold, and trim out the inside of the fusible web leaving about 1/8" - 1/4" just INSIDE the drawn line. [See Image 2 below.]
    Image 2
  4. Cut out an applique piece of fabric slightly larger than your fusible webbing. [See Image 3 below.]
    Image 3
  5. Lay the trimmed fusible web piece on the wrong side of the fabric. (The paper side should be facing up.)
  6. Following the manufacturer's directions for your fusible product, fuse the fusible patch onto the wrong side of the fabric.
  7. Finally, cut the final applique shape on the drawn line of the fusible paper. [See Image 4 below.]
  8. The final product is a cut applique shape, with a trim of fusible along the edges, ready to be added to your project. The center remains soft.


Your piece is now ready to have the webbing paper removed, and then affix it onto the background fabric. Finish off raw edges as normal, and the center remains soft as there is no fusible webbing there.

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