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Have you been seeing this phrase about? Wonder why my site is called what it is? Then check out the definition of QuiltPox.

Soft Centered Applique

I love the convenience of fusible applique. However, I hate the stiffness that it adds to the project. So, one day, while working on a baby quilt, I had this idea. All I really needed was the fusible on the outer edges of the applique piece to prevent the fabric from fraying and hold the piece in place until it is machine appliqued down. So, I precut out my applique adhesive, then cut out the center. I have since seen this process mentioned on other sites/television. So, I wrote a little Soft Centered Applique tutorial for you all.


Are you into swapping? Curious about guidelines? Then read this article Quilt Fabric/Block Swapping Etiquette. Be sure to email me your experiences.

Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon Batting Review

I recently had the experience of using this batting and decided to continue in my series of reviews. Please read my review on Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon Batting.

Hobbs Heirloom Batting Review

This is my preferred batting for crib quilts. Read my review at Hobbs Heirloom Batting Review.

Fabric Quality Discussion

Now that I have been a quilter for almost 5 years, I feel that I have a good understanding of fabric quality. You may have a different opinion than mine, but I thought I would share mine, none-the-less. Read my All Fabrics are not Created Equally discussion. Be warned, it is a bit lengthy. :-)

Aurifil Thread Review

I first encountered this thread about 2-3 years ago, and am still behind it 100%. I have since started using the light gray, and it is a great in-between color. Please read the review of Aurifil Thread.

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