Book Review: The Quilter's Bible - Linda Clements - 20 March 2011

Check out my new book review on this fabulous new book due out this month.

New - The Quilting Bee Forum

Some quilty friends and I have started up a new forum on Delphi. The Quilting Bee is a fun place to hang out and chat about all things quilting! And then some. ;-) You'll know you are in the right place when you see QuiltPox in the URL. (I am working on trying to change that...) So come on over and join the fun. It is quiet right now as we just got started, so be sure to speak up. And it is FREE to join.

What a novel idea of charity -

Check it out:


Well, I created this blog a LONG time ago, but haven't kept up with it. I have this website after all. But, there are times when I may just want to share some thoughts, so for that, you may view my blog at

Building Blocks Pattern

I had hoped to enter this quilt into the Fons & Porter baby quilt contest, but just could not get it down to the required maximum of 48". I made this for a colleague at work and thought I would share the pattern with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Tips & Tricks

We are often sharing tips and tricks on the QuiltingPassion forum. But, when you need one, it is hard to sift through thousands of messages to find that original thread. So, I thought I would create a place to store these permanently. As with my dictionary, my goal is to have the biggest tip repository on the web, well, quilting tips that is. If there is a subject missing, please let me know. So, without further adieu...

Submit a Quilting Tip

Read the user submitted Tips!

Quilter's News Network (QNN)

Have you heard about this new online site? It is pretty promising. They have online how-to and program videos for viewing, and patterns and such. Pretty neat site. Check them out at

Quilter's Dictionary

I continue my quest to have the largest, and most thorough, quilter's dictionary online. Visit the QuiltPox Dictionary to check my progress.

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